The Fit, Firm and Fabulous Formula

Glo Lifestyle’s 12-week group personal training programme for Aberdeen’s busy working mums who want to lose weight, tone up and feel fit and fabulous for life.

Join a community focused group personal training experience with like minded ladies in a private personal training studio. Find out more below.

It’s not easy being a mum. Especially if you’re a busy mum who’s trying to balance your career with childcare and running a household… It can be really hard making time for yourself. To find the time to relax, unwind and look after yourself, your health and your body, and you may find yourself stuck in a rut…

You might be feeling unhappy that you’re low on energy, carrying extra weight or missing that confident, fabulous version of you. That version of you that you know is still there, if only you could break out of the rut you’re stuck in and begin making changes in your life. 

As a busy working mum of two myself, I completely understand the position you’re in. I’ve been there… Putting my career and everyone else’s priorities above my own. But having made positive changes in my own life and having helped other women do the same, I know it’s possible for you to turn things around.

This is exactly why I built Glo Lifestyle and my signature programme – The Fit, Firm & Fabulous Formula – to help women just like you rediscover your fittest, healthier and most confident selves.

The Fit, Firm & Fabulous Formula

If anything you read above resonates with you, you’ve come to the right place. I know from my own experience that it’s a lonely place as a busy working mum who’s trying to make changes in your life. No one quite seems to ‘get it’. 

“What do you mean more time for yourself? Who’s going to pick up the kids from school and cook dinner every night?”.

Sound familiar? That’s why there’s a big emphasis on the community aspect of this programme, so that you’re surrounded by a friendly and supportive group of like-minded mums who are going through the journey together. Providing each other the support and accountability to stay on track and achieve your health & fitness goals. 

The Fit, Firm & Fabulous Formula is a 12-week group personal training programme in a completely private personal training studio in Aberdeen’s city centre. Here’s what the ‘formula’ to your success includes:

The Fit & Firm Group PT Sessions

You’ll get up to 3 weekly group personal training sessions in our private studio. The sessions are customised to you as an individual to help you reclaim your strong, fit and toned body, no matter where you’re starting from. 

The Group Support System

You’re part of a group of like-minded mums working towards a shared goal. You’ll be surrounded by positivity and encouragement, both at group sessions and in our private Facebook group, so you’re supported to achieve your goals.

The Personalised Support System

Deeply committed to your success, I’ll support, guide and mentor you over the 12-week period. Even though this is a group programme, I’m on hand to give you personalised help tailored to your individual needs, whenever you need it.

VIP Access to the Fit Mums Membership

Unrestricted access to our online members area, with digital lessons, advice and resources on changing your habits. With a focus on lifestyle and nutrition, this is the ‘secret sauce’ to accelerating your progress and achieving life-long results.

The Fabulous Female Framework

As part of your access to the members area, we’ll also focus on helping you helping you feel more confident, energised and happy in your daily life (i.e. fabulous!) so you not only look your best, but feel your best too.

Life Long Results

Essentially, this ‘formula’ contains all the elements to help you change the way you look and feel, for good. Say goodbye to yo-yo diets and inconsistent results, and say hello to safe, sustainable and long-term transformation.


Ready to join now? We offer a completely free and no-obligation 14-day trial for any mums interested in joining the Fit, Firm & Fabulous Formula. 

Who is Fit, Firm & Fabulous for?

Are you:

Concerned that you’re too unfit and that everyone else will be fitter and stronger that you? 

We have ladies from all walks of life working with us, many of whom have never stepped foot in a gym before. We tailor all of our exercise sessions to meet you at your starting point, based on unique body type and fitness level.

Too busy to find the time to exercise and implement the lessons from the members area?

Our group PT sessions are scheduled at times that suit you. We have options for sessions in the morning before work, and in the evening after work. We also have multiple weekend options too to cater for all our busy working mums.

And as for implementing the lessons? Everything we teach in the members area is drip fed at a slow and manageable rate to help you make small and gradual but powerful changes in your lifestyle, at a pace that works for you (even if you’re not tech-savvy whatsoever!).

Worried that you don’t know anyone?

Truthfully, we’re quite selective about who we ‘let in’ to our programme. You’ll only find positive, supportive and friendly women here. And who knows, you might just form life-long friendships like many of our mums already have.

Unsure if it will work for you after trying lots of different approaches in the past?

That’s fair. There’s so much confusing and conflicting information in the fitness space. 

However, I don’t want to try and convince you this programme will work for you. Instead I’d like to show you by offering you a completely free 14-day trial. 

You can join in with our group PT sessions and receive your 14-day starter pack all 100% free to make your own decision if this is the right programme for you.

You can find out more about the 14-day trial and secure your space by clicking here.

After your trial ends and you want to join the Fit, Firm & Fabulous Formula, you can sign-up with one of the options below for full access.

Your investment

£360 one-time fee


£127 x 3 instalment plan

Or, if it’s not for you? That’s completely okay. We understand it’s not for everyone, and you can keep everything you received during your 14-day trial and follow a path that works for you. No hard feelings.

What results can I achieve?

As a reminder, this 12-week programme is designed to help women just like you to rediscover your fittest, healthiest, happiest and most body confident selves, while having fun in the process.

By following the process I’ve outlined above, just like some of the women you’ve learned about here, you can:

  • Lose weight and tighten up those stubborn and wobbly areas so you can feel great wearing your favourite clothes, whenever you want.
  • Improve the strength in all your main muscle groups so you can feel confident in your physique and equipped to deal with life’s challenges.
  • Form new, healthy habits and behaviours so you can achieve long-lasting results without any more yo-yo dieting or inconsistent progress.
  • Develop a positive mindset so you can feel happy within yourself, every day, without beating yourself or feeling ashamed.
  • Feel fabulous, with a renewed energy and enthusiasm for life so you can have better relationship with kids/partner and thrive in your career.

…all from the comfort of a completely private personal training studio with a group of like-minded supportive ladies.

Ready to get started?

I know you’ve probably been burned in the past. The health and fitness industry is, unfortunately, full of smoke and mirrors. 

Which is exactly why we offer a completely free 14-trial for the Fit, Firm & Fabulous Formula.

I want to make sure it feels right to you before you invest and join the full 12-week transformation experience. Equally, I want to make sure you’re a good fit for our group of positive and supportive ladies. So, if you’re ready to get started and join a supportive group environment to help you make a change? 

Sign up now!

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