Your success is our goal, and you determine what success looks like to you. We know that that building muscle, losing weight and making sustainable healthy changes can be difficult, but it’s not impossible with the right support.

The holistic approach to health and fitness


At Glo, we take your fitness goals seriously. We’re fully qualified and we lead with a knowledge-led approach to health and fitness. Analysing your body type, BMI and lifestyle, we create an individualised fitness and nutrition plan to help you create sustainable habits for life.

Goal Driven

We live busy lives and often, we don’t prioritise health and fitness because we don’t “have time” We’ll work with you to identify realistic goals and provide sustainable and achievable solutions to work towards success.


Nutrition Coaching

We’ll provide you with advice and guidance around nutritional habits and offer a structured, science-based approach to nutrition. You’ll receive an initial 60-to-90-minute consultation before receiving recommendations on how to change your eating habits while empowering you to set realistic goals. Each week, we’ll have weekly check-ins where you’ll receive one-on-one support. Nutritional coaching can be combined with fitness coaching or as a standalone service.

Fitness Coaching

This virtual service will provide gym or home fitness programmes tailored to your goals. Kicking off with an initial 60-to-90-minute consultation, we’ll set your goals and draft an achievable but challenging fitness programme around your lifestyle. Each week, you’ll provide photos and measurements, and we’ll have weekly check-ins to support your progression. Fitness coaching can be combined with nutritional coaching or as a standalone service.

Personal Training

If online coaching isn’t for you, Glo Lifestyle provides personal training group or one-to-one solo sessions depending on your needs. For more information on our personal training sessions, get in touch.

12 week programme

A community focused group personal training experience with like minded women in a private personal training studio… Find out more here or sign up for our 14 day trial.

Fit, Firm & Fabulous 12-week Programme


Our holistic approach allows you to create healthy habits, resulting in a healthy lifestyle.

With over two decades’ experience working in a social care setting, we have seen how lifestyle, commitments and the general day to day can impact a healthy life. Combined with years of studying health and nutrition, we’re able to offer understanding and expertise under one roof.

MA psychology | BA (Hons) First Social Work | Level 2 Gym Instructing | Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training | Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification

“We combine your lifestyle, motivations and commitments to create tailored, sustainable plans to help you achieve your goals and live a healthy life.”

Glo Fitness, 2021